About Us

A combined authority represents a collaboration between a group of local authorities dedicated to working together to make their region a better place to live, work and invest.

Approved by the Government, combined authorities are granted funding and decision-making powers from Westminster for their regions. This is called devolution, bringing together a wide range of different organisations and local leaders because they see the great potential it offers for improving our area, our communities, and enriching the lives of local people who live and work in our region.

In November 2022, a devolution deal was agreed by the four upper tier councils of Derbyshire County Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Derby City Council and Nottingham City Council.  

The East Midlands Combined County Authority is led by a directly elected Mayor. Claire Ward was elected as the first Mayor of the East Midlands region in May 2024. 

The deal guarantees a funding stream of £1.14billion over a 30-year period, alongside additional investments for transport, housing and economic development.

Our shared ambition for the East Midlands will focus on the importance of growing the region’s economy for all, by targeting investment to speed up economic growth, improving transport links to towns, cities and major employers in the East Midlands and working with partners so people can develop key skills needed across the region.  

We will work with local authorities, landowners, developers and housing providers to create affordable, good quality housing, and to retrofit existing homes to make them more environmentally sustainable. 

We’re planning to support new forms of clean energy generation, support work to bring green spaces and nature back into communities and improve health life expectancy, especially in the region’s most disadvantaged communities and places. 

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